Thesis Development 3 : Recode

This week I have been primarily preparing for the Show a Thing feedback sessions. This meant I needed to amend my presentation and iterate on my messaging about the project to clarify more what it is about. I also spent some time creating a better more concise description of the interaction with the object for me to be able to better describe how it works. This involved the creation of the step by step experience manual working backwards from the final outcome.

  1. The person reads the poem they received and can reflect on the experience they had.
  2. The person receives a small token by way of a poem after returning the device to the exhibit stand/area
  3. The person has managed to get the device to a bathroom sink and the balloon has burst OR the person has not managed to get the device to a bathroom sink and they are now wet OR the person has one of 2 dummy units and has had the full experience.
  4. The person carries the device for 15 to 20 minutes anticipating a set of actions to occur which include the following:

A vibration alerting the person to the countdown beginning.

The countdown starting.

The servo motor actuating.

The balloon being pierced.

5. The person picks up and puts on the device.

6. The person reads the brief of what the piece is about and how the device functions.

7. The person approaches the exhibit stand and encounters a set of graphics and description of the piece.

This experience manual is written in reverse as we look at the final outcome first but it informs the steps that the experience takes and I can divulge from this the set of tasks I have to do to achieve this.

This week also seen the arrival of the majority of the electronic components I will use to build the device. I splurged on seeed studios kit as it is very easy to connect parts together and build out the physical part of the project. This will save me time which will be allocated to the actual coding of the device.

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