Thesis Development 5 : Recode 

This week from a coding perspective I began to try to bring parts of the code for the Arduino together. I have spent some time watching youtube videos showing how to create basic devices and trying to get back into the groove off working on my limited coding capabilities! I started with my usual technique of creating Frankenstein pieces of code that were mashed together to try to achieve a result. Nothing seems to work so I will need to revisit some fundamentals to refresh my memory.

I did decide to change one of the components I had been using, I had originally decided to use an LED light bar for the countdown timer but I have since switched that to a 4 digit display. I have found some projects that take advantage of this output device and played around with them a little. My plan is to get some experience with each of the devices I am using before circling back to creating another Frankenstein.

In anticipation of going to NYC at the end of the Summer term I have had to adjust my timeline for execution on elements of the project. This means I am probably going to be under a little more pressure than I first anticipated but I believe I will be ok. Famous last words!

This week also seen the end of the Spring term, most of my time outside of my efforts with Arduino was taken up working on my presentation for the end of term presentation based on feedback received 2 weeks previously. I got some valuable feedback from the presentation session which has altered some ideas I have on how I tell the story bout the object I am building. I will be building 3 devices but I think I need to build a 4th that isn’t a wearable but the internal components of the device laid out with a description of what is happening. This 4th device will also carry out the functions in the exact same way as the wearable but will serve as a way for people interested in experiencing the wearable to understand what they are getting themselves into by engaging. It will also be useful for creating video content to explain in presentations for those who might not be able to experience the actual piece.

We have a few days before the Summer session that I will spend working on and getting fully immersed in the code side of things. The grove kit will really help with this as it is pretty much plug and play from the electronics perspective and is pretty robust. Busy few weeks ahead!

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