Interface Lab: working hard on hardware! Week 2 Labs

This weeks adventures in hardware proved to be many hours of trial and error, mostly error.

After spending too much time trying to get speaker to work with Arduino Nano 33 I finally gave up. It wasn’t for the lack of trying however. I though a lot of it was to do with wiring to the speaker which is an 8 ohm unit and here’s an example of how I tried to wire it up.

It turns out that there were some issues around the Nano not being able to drive the speaker! I moved on to trying out the next part of the assignment as I had expended a lot of time on this.

I went on to trying to attach the servo to the Arduino. I got the servo attached but it also would not function. Based on the prior experience of trying to attach the speaker I cut my losses with the servo and got hold of a smaller servo after ordering online and came back to it a day or 2 later.

Good news! The smaller servo worked! Awesome. Here’s a video of the pressure sensor working with the motor.

I tried out the LDR sensor with this set up to and it worked. I now have a few options to connect the servo and the sensors. This will help with coming up with some ideas for the next assignment which is an I/O project!

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