Final Project Concept

For my final project I am hoping to build off the positive reinforcement water bottle stand. I want to look at adding a way to communicate the act of drinking water with p5.js.

This way the physical action of drinking water can not only have a physical out put by way of the servo motor but also via the screen of my computer.

Ideally this would have its own screen so it could be used in isolation of a computer.

I see the device working in the following way.


On picking up the water bottle to have a drink the sensor is exposed to light which activates the servo. The servo then rotates showing the nice work! sign.


When this occurs the Arduino also sends an output to an LED as well as possibly a speaker. These could be 2 more signifiers of a successful interaction with the device.


The Arduino will also via serial port interact with a sketch in P5.js.


The sketch on the screen will be of a fish tank with some fish in it swimming. Every time the bottle is picked up the water in the fish tank depletes and then reminds the user to refill their bottle.

I have a couple of ideas on how to achieve this.

What will be required for this will be:

Arduino Nano



Servo motor



Jumper cables


LDR sensor

I hope to achieve a digital and physical interaction from this device and perhaps see if the same concept be used in different ways for different types of scenarios.

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