The Pencil Project

Play testing in week 13 revealed many flaws in the concept I had been working on. When we carried out the play testing sessions my project did not stand up to being experienced remotely due to the demands on the person experiencing the project.!/experiments-in-empathy

I had to take a step back and look at how I could simplify and make the experiment much more easy to carry out with the minimum of required effort and with items that everyone would have available at their desk.

The original project had several sets of instructions on how to carry out the experiment. It proved to be unnecessary to have all of this information.

During play testing no one had the items required to carry out the experiment so it was rendered useless. When I could guide someone through the experiment then the result could be achieved but this defeated the purpose of the project.

From a coding perspective I used much of the code from the original project to produce the new Pencil Project version. I spent a lot of time trying to get the feature involving uploading pictures to the chat box to function but ultimately in the end couldn’t get it to work. I was also pressed for time because I had to change a lot of the project because of the failure of the project in play testing!!/the-pencil-project

Despite the ups and downs of the project I learned a great deal about the difficulties of coding. I also gained a greater appreciation of how websites function and can now deploy a basic website with some basic interactions. With reference to the project itself I feel that I got to a more pure form of what the experience needed to be and learned a lot through play testing.

This is the link to the presentation form our final class. Feedback from my presentation revealed that I need to be able to communicate the idea earlier in the presentation as it isn’t apparent what the concept.

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