Thesis Inspirations

These are people who work in or don’t work in the area I am interested in! I have put 3 different links here, each one representing some of the core reasoning behind my motivation for my thesis. One is a positive inspiration using art and lego to create access, one is a negative inspiration which is a piece of art which is not accessible. This one had the gallery and artist having to change something that should already have been accessible after some negative backlash. The last link is an inspiration based on aspiration of what or how technology will help us in the future. Not directly linked but definite connection between access for humans and access for robots!

A negative inspiration. Art being inaccessible is nothing new or no real surprise but this one really got to me!

A positive inspiration. Someone who creates art from Lego creating access from Lego. A really cool instance of how a material or object  when thought of differently can be an enabler and give more than it was originally intended to do.

A professional inspiration. I once worked on a delivery robot very similar to the one this company makes. In fact the one I worked on launched the exact same week as this one. I think that there is a set of parallels and tensions that can be explored in relation to access, innovation and technology.

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